2018 NW Landscape Expo Pesticide Training Courses Sponsored by Simplot

December 11, 2018

7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Pesticide Training at Oregon Convention Center

7:30-8:30 Turf and Landscape Insect Control Options: Products include Acelepryn, Mainspring GNL and Provaunt insecticide. Discussion will cover modes of action, chemistry type, use recommendations, timing, rates and personal protective equipment. Additional topic s to include the types of insects controlled with each product. A discussion of beneficial insects and the impact of each chemistry will be discussed. All products are registered in the states of OR, WA, ID, WY and MT. Randy Rider/Syngenta

8:30-9:30 Using PGRs, insecticides and new herbicides to reduce your labor costs:  Discussion will cover common insects we see in our landscapes and how to correctly identify them. Discuss multiple options for minimizing and controlling these insects while not affecting the beneficial insects you have in your landscapes by using IPM practices. Also discuss several new herbicide options, including a new non 2,4D option that will be available to use in your turf applications this coming year. Mike Sorensen/PBI Gordon Corporation

9:30-9:45 Coffee break-Sponsored by Simplot Partners

9:45-11:00 ODA Laws and Regulations update, lessons learned and Record Keeping: Discussion will cover current law updates for pesticide applicators. Enforcement case review focusing on lessons that can be learned from the mistakes made and applicator record keeping requirements and what Data meets the requirements for a record. Mike Odenthal/Oregon Department of Agricultural.

11:00-12:00 Specticle and Altus: Neither Kill Bees: Discuss Specticle Pre-emergent herbicide and appropriate sites, application techniques, timing, PPE. Weed spectrum and university research on different weed species. Altus, introduce bee friendly insecticide and briefly discuss the importance of pollinator friendly applications. Douglas McCullen/Bayer Environmental Science.

12:00-12:30 Box lunch provided by Simplot Partners

12:30-1:30 Making Pesticide Applications More Effective with Spray Solution Conditioning: Discussion will cover the potential issues associated with pesticide/fertilizer spray solutions and the various types of spray adjuvants that address the causes and help improve performance. Scope of discussion will include the impact of water PH, surface tension, droplet placement, spray drift and other issues associated with spray solution performance. Discussion will also cover the characteristics of spray adjuvant components/products and the contribution provided in solving spray solution performance issues. Jon Atkins/Simplot Partners    

1:30-2:30 Lions, Tigers and Pesticides…Oh My: Attendees will be presented with the common hazards presented by the use of pesticides while performing work tasks. The presentation will include issues with hazard communication, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection and provide valuable resources in the development of the health and safety management program for pesticides. Brandi Davis/Oregon OSHA

2:30-3:30 The Role of Pre & Post Emergent Herbicides in an IPM Approach to Controlling High Anxiety Weeds: Pesticides have a vital role in Integrated Pest Management Programs as they can be the most effective control for some pests (Weeds, Insects, Diseases, etc.) In this session you will learn the PAMS (Preventative, Avoidance, Monitoring & Suppression) steps of IPM and learn about the role of pre and post emergent herbicides in controlling key PNW weeds when using IPM approach. I will discuss Dimension’s unique characteristics of controlling Crabgrass as both a post and pre-emergent herbicide. Frank Santiago/Dow

3:30-4:30 Controlling Crabgrass and Grassy Weeds: Discussing best practices of preventing Crabgrass. How to use Pendulum Aquacap, Drive Xlr8 and Pylex to prevent and control Crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Brandon Key/BASF Corporation

4:30 Adjourn

Oregon Department of Agriculture:9 hours (Must attend all day for 2 Core + 7 Other Credits)
WSDA - Pesticide Management Division: 9 hours approved (5 hours of morning and 4 hours for afternoon)

8 Hours of CEH have been submitted for approval with the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board

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