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2022 Presentation Listing
Final schedule will be release November 24th!

So, Emerald Ash Borer is in Oregon... Now what?
Presented by Alison Herrell, Rainbow Ecoscience 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is the most destructive, costliest pest to ever invade North America. It is responsible for the death of over 100 million trees across the Midwest and East Coast. It has been in North America for over 20 years, but was just discovered in Forest Grove, OR in July of 2022. This iridescent green borer was a huge mystery when it arrived in the early 2000s and devastated all ash trees while scientists worked to find a solution to save trees. Luckily, we now have highly efficacious and relatively inexpensive treatment options to preventatively treat trees. This talk will review the biology and life cycle of EAB, signs and symptoms and how to diagnose/report sighting, treatment options, and some steps that landscapers can take to be proactive to preserve the trees they manage.

Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems
Presented by Gordon Kunkle and Josh Fully, SiteOne Landscape Supply

Step by Step process to resolve irrigation system failures in a progressive approach aimed at resolving the issues in a time saving methodology. 

Solución de problemas de los sistemas de riego (Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems in Spanish)
Presented by Gordon Kunkle and Wallace Roberto, SiteOne Landscape Supply
Proceso paso a paso para resolver fallas en el sistema de riego en un enfoque progresivo destinado a resolver los problemas en una metodología que ahorra tiempo. 

Silica and the OSHA Standard
Presented by Randall Westmoreland, Oregon OSHA Consultation
This course will briefly discuss the topic of silica, its associated hazards, rules, and methods of compliance. The information will be beginner friendly but helpful for managers as well.

Trees and Construction Best Management Practices
Presented by Ryan Gilpin, Nidus Consulting 
Many communities are asking for more trees to be preserved on construction sites bringing arborists and landscapers to potentially unfamiliar projects as part of the design and construction teams. The International Society of Arboriculture has updated the Best Management Practices regarding trees and construction. This presentation will review the Best Management Practices and the important changes in the new version. Ryan will discuss some of the ways arborists and landscapers can be involved on construction projects and be valuable parts of the design and construction teams. Ryan will focus on the ways that existing trees can be injured during the landscaping phase and components of construction that affect maintenance that landscapers are likely to see post-construction.

Nature Makes People Happy: The Economics of Biophilic Design
Presented by Paige Tisdale, Dennis' 7 Dees Urban Plantscapes
Biophilic design is the practice of creating spaces and landscapes that help people connect with nature. In this cutting-edge session, you’ll not only learn how biophilic design improves everything from our physiological wellbeing to our finances, but how you can use it to educate your clients, expand your offerings and build your green industry business. 

Wise with Water Features:  Pump Selection, Trends, and How-To
Presented by Steve Causseaux,  Cimco
Water features continue to be a growing segment of the landscape industry.  Demand remains high as people shift back yards from open lawns into outdoor living spaces with pavers, fire features, and yes, water features.  In this class you will learn how to select the proper water feature pump for your job to achieve the “look” your customers want.  We will also discuss some basic how-to’s for fountain features, spillways, and the high-demand pond-free features.

Common Tree Disease and Insect Problems in the Portland area, and the Impact of Changing Climate on those Issues
Presented by Dr. Tom Smiley, Barlette 
This presentation will cover common tree disease and insect problems in the Portland area, and the impact of changing climate on those issues.  Climate models predict that the PNW will continue to see longer, warmer, and dryer summers with the possibility of increased winter storm severity. The impacts of these environmental changes on disease and insect concerns for landscape trees will be discussed, with a focus on what types of pest and disease pressures are likely to increase, and possible mitigation strategies.

Paving the Way to a Successful Install
Presented by Teresa Martin and Teresa Portillo
We’ve seen an increase in people prioritizing outdoor living and our paver series has been popular in outdoor remodeling. Our presentation will cover product knowledge regarding our porcelain paver series including product specs and ways to use. We will also be demonstrating an install using sand box and showing a slide show with cutting techniques.

Allanando el camino hacia una instalacion exitosa
Presented by Teresa Martin and Teresa Portillo (Translator)
Hemos visto un aumento en el número de personas que dan prioridad a la vida al aire libre y nuestra serie de adoquines ha sido popular en la remodelación de exteriores. Nuestra presentación cubrirá el conocimiento del producto con respecto a nuestra serie de adoquines de porcelana, incluyendo las especificaciones del producto y las formas de uso. También haremos una demostración de una instalación usando caja de arena y mostraremos una presentación de diapositivas con técnicas de corte.

Polymeric Sand in the Rain?  Yes!  A Review of Proven Hardscape Jointing Solutions for West & Dry Seasons.
Presented by Kevin Laven
Everyone who has installed polymeric sand knows it can be tricky, especially in the PNW. This presentation will feature an introduction into the new resin sand technology and installation methods that will help professionals provide a polymeric sand finish during our long wet/rainy season in the PNW. We’ll start with a bit of history on jointing and review current polymeric and joint stabilizing sand technologies. The goal of this presentation is to provide professionals the information to feel confident in choosing the right product for the desired results of their hardscape projects. It’s not a one size fits all - every technology has pros and cons. We’ll end with a Q&A and discussion for professionals to share their experiences with each other with these joint sand technologies.

Presentations confirmed, information to be released by December 4th:

  • Battery Operated Equipment presented by Makita
  • Managing the Pressure - Understanding the next steps with the PRS Legislation in Oregon presented by Oregon Landscape Contractors Board
  • Pests in the NW presented by Simplot